Teaching & Editing

I work one-on-one with poetry and nonfiction writers as coach and editor. I’m able to assist with a variety of projects and services, including: manuscript critique and ordering in poetry;  substantive and basic editing, copyediting and proofreading in nonfiction; artist grant applications and writing for businesses and nonprofits. If you think my skills may fit your needs, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

Editing & Manuscript Critique Services:

  • Substantive editing includes attention to big picture elements such as content and story, overall organization, voice and tone.
  • Basic editing is for a writing project in the later stages of revision. Here, I will work with you the details of paragraph structure and transitions, as well as sentence-level edits.
  • Copyediting is for the nitty-gritty final details of grammar, punctuation, word choice, and spelling.
  • Manuscript critique in poetry can be tailored to your needs and includes a big picture review with an eye to ordering, narrative arc or book-length cohesion as well as line-by-line edits.


(Manuscript critique in poetry; contact me for estimates on other projects):

  • Chapbook manuscript: editing, arrangement, $250
  • Full-length manuscript: arrangement only, $250
  • Full-length manuscript: arrangement and line editing, $450


“Rachel provided both support and expert guidance that allowed me to continue pursuing my project and present it in the most professional and engaging way possible.  She has a flexible attitude and was willing to help me exactly how I needed and to provide a helpful, balanced perspective of both support and constructive criticism.  My project became much stronger once she was involved and the final product was much more polished due to her hard work.” –Caryn Polito, author of Peaceful Medicine (2015)

“Rachel did a fantastic job editing my poetry manuscript.  She was easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and provided thoughtful feedback that helped me improve the manuscript as a whole.  I felt like she ‘got’ my work, and offered valuable suggestions to increase both the energy and focus of the writing.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with editing.” –Erica Skog, Poet


Currently, I am a teaching artist with Alzheimer’s Poetry Project Minnesota,  COMPAS, and Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop. APP-MN is a new affiliate based in the Twin Cities, created to bring high quality arts programming to older Minnesotans navigating memory loss and to increase community awareness of their creativity. COMPAS is a statewide, non-profit arts organization that sparks students’ imaginations, brings creativity into the lives of older adults, and inspires people to create. MPWW offers creative writing workshops in prisons throughout the state of Minnesota.


“Rachel brings enthusiasm, wonder, reflection, and respect to all her students. She engages with staff in a positive, collaborative style to tailor programs for the group or individual needs. She encourages students to explore their own creativity and share their successes with others.” –Susan Ryan, Occupational Therapist, Wilder Adult Day Health

“Rachel was so versatile. She worked as well with the memory care group as she did with the highest functioning seniors. A true professional who brought out the best in each person.” –Chris Mangold, Project Manager, Ebenezer Arts Learning Grant in Poetry and Video